J-Lo fashion style at The Oscars!!


J-Lo and Robert Duvall’s wife in Elie Saab dresses.

The last thing anyone wants at any event, let alone a mega event like The Oscars, is for someone else to walk in wearing the same dress. Especially when ‘who is wearing what’ and the red carpet are such big factors in such events. But that’s exactly what happened this time with none other than one of the most stylish celebrities..J-Lo.

Unfortunately for all those concerned, the dress was  quite fabulous and J-Lo really did rock her look (as always) yet couldn’t make it to the best-dressed list only because of this faux pas. Unacceptable Elie Saab!

Elie Saab is one of our favorite designer brands because their dresses are always stunningly elegant and beautifully feminine. They can really wow. But a careless individual has really let the brand down this time around with this blunder.