Nadda Salim-Adamjee launched StyleDNA as she saw the need for personal style development in a fashion obsessed country. As the tagline Trademark Your Life suggests, being stylish is about originality, dressing for your figure, complexion, image and lifestyle. It’s not just about wearing what’s trendy but being unique in your interpretation of trends. It’s not about the brands you wear, it’s about the person instead.

We’d like you to reconnect with yourself as consumerism and market segmentation robs individuality. At StyleDNA we believe you’re a unique individual, with a personality that just needs the right cut and colour to shine like a diamond, not just a consumer. Why follow the fashion herd when you can lead in style?

Nadda is a qualified fashion designer (Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design) and a thorough professional with 20+ years of expereince in fashion design, running her own fashion business and fashion education. Her stint in fashion forecasting (London College of Fashion) puts her on top of spotting trends that help her clients define the best looks that are consistent with their personality and personal style.